Invited Speakers

20190509 Prof. Bo Liu (Group website)

Title: Total synthesis of natural dimeric terpenoids: inspired but not limited by biohypothesis

20190425 Prof. Po-Chiao Lin (Group website)

Title: Responsive Chemistry Enabling on Demand Biomolecular Conjugation and Detection

20180517 Prof. Yujiro Hayashi (Group website)

Title: Pot Economy and Time Economy in the Synthesis of Biologically Active Molecules

20180329 Prof. Yoshiji Takemoto (Group website)

Title: Creation of Multifunctional Catalysts Using Hydrogen-Bond Donors and Lewis Acids

20180201 Prof. Seunghoon Shin (Group website)

Title: Engaging Alkynes under Metal- and Non-Metal Catalysis

20180122 Prof. Karoi Sakurai (Group website)

Title: Chemical probe-based approach to study bioactivity of natural products

20180122 Prof. Masayuki Inoue (Group website)

Title: Radical-based Approach for Synthesis of Complex Natural Products